Ray Aziz


The award winning restaurant Raysindian has an contemporary approach to traditional indian food. 


Its cuisine fuses authentic spices and ingredients from the subcontinent to produce exciting modern indian cooking at its best. Traditional spices are


hand selected and blended in house to create fragrant combinations to delight your senses. Every mouthful is bursting with a variety of tastes and flavours. The chef has carefully crafted a mouth-watering menu, drawing on his experience of working in some of France, India's and London's most highly regarded restaurants and hotels. His study of food and experience in paris is shown through the culinary art of his cooking.


At RAYSINDIAN, we strive constantly to develop a deeper relationship with our local producers as well as constantly learning from our local guests, while also trying to show them things Raysindian has to offer they may have never seen or tasted before.

We work closely with farmers, fisherman, and local food producers to showcase the beauty of their products with the aim of supporting the local food supply chain and to decrease the carbon footprint of imported products.

Our focus is not only on maximizing our guests enjoyment, or our own gastronomic discovery, but also our responsibility to our adopted home and to the future of our beautiful island.

Our food is reflective of the varied experiences of our chefs. We apply modern techniques and look at things through a Western lens, but focus on the uniqueness and hyper seasonality of locally sourced products.