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Tofu Red Curry

Panner masala

Discover Raysindian new range of Artisan hand blend sauce & spices. Our signature spices, marinades and pastes brings an deep authentic flavour to your curries. 


signature curry KIT

Raysindian has created our artisan sauce blend from our Raysindian restaurant menu, packed full with flavours and specially picked ingredients and spices for you to make our restaurant curry in your own home. 

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chutney & Pickle 

We have created a hand blended special mango chutney range. This will be a great accompaniment to any of your meals. we have three flavours for you: our popular restaurant mango chutney made out of mango and mango pulp, with a sweet and aromatic flavour. We also have a spicy, sweet mango chutney and also our mango pickle.  


Chicken & meat

We have carefully selected our organic produce from reputable local farmers. Our meat is marinated with our special spice blend to enhance the flavour of your curry to another level. YOu have an option to add our marinated meat to your cart for a no hassle curry. 

Free Range Chicken Farm

signature spices

Rayindian has carefully selected and hand blended spice mixes which we use in our restaurant  for you to use with our signature curry recipes. We have created three special blends for you to make our delicious currys:: a Lamb curry mix, Chicken curry mix and a seafood curry mix. . They can be used as a dry rub or a wet marinade to add to you

Image by Kanwardeep Kaur


Children curry KIT 

Raysindian decided to create a organic curry sauce range for children because we know how fussy children can be. Our son was very picky in what he ate while growing up and we wanted to create a delicious, healthy quick way of children enjoying a curry.  

Image by mohamad hajizade

Raysindian Curry Box

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