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Rays Aziz

Ray Aziz

Chef |Owner 

Ray Aziz is the head chef and owner of multi award winning restaurant Raysindian, which specialises in innovative, fine dining Indian food with a unique twist. He transforms the simplest of ingredients swirling together playful combinations on a plate.  He has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. 

He was brought up around great Indian food and culture as his family had a restaurant in Oxted, Surrey. He used to help out on the weekends. He loved the buzz it gave him to be around people and cook for others and decided that one day he would open his own restaurant. 

His brother lived and worked in the Hotel industry in Paris and an exciting opportunity arose for for Ray to train with a highly experienced chef in Paris. This is where he picked up his affinity for fine dining and  fusion flavours.   

He opened his first restaurant in Dorking, Surrey in 1989 and went on to open a boutique indo French restaurant in Montparnasse Paris where his love of food evolved further. Since then he has had many restaurants including Blue Ocean, Zaffron and The Moghul.  

Our concept

At RAYSINDIAN, we strive constantly to develop a deeper relationship with our local producers as well as constantly learning from our guests, while also trying to show them things Raysindian has to offer they may have never seen or tasted before.

We work closely with farmers, fisherman, and local food producers to showcase the beauty of their products with the aim of supporting the local food supply chain and to decrease the carbon footprint of imported products.

Our focus is not only on maximizing our guests enjoyment, or our own gastronomic discovery, but also our responsibility to our adopted home and to the future of our beautiful island

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